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D23/MiceChat DCA Challenge - Saturday, February 7th - 3:30 pm

Join Jeffrey Epstein of D23 and all of your MicePals

  for a fantastic adventure through Disney California Adventure


MiceChat celebrates the upcoming D23 Expo 2015 with a D23 Expo Challenge during the MiceChat 10th Anniversary. The D23 Expo showcases the past, present and future of all things Disney, from theme parks and movies to television, music and beyond. Here at Disney California Adventure, you can find attractions, restaurants, shops and more inspired by Disney’s wonderful worlds. In the spirit of the Expo, taking place this August in Anaheim, we have created a game including iconic and beloved Disney entertainment represented at Disney California Adventure

Take a journey through Disney California Adventure park searching for clues and answering riddles. Participants will have to find the answers based upon clues they'll be handed at the start. You will have to be fast on your feet and quick with your wits as you race to reach the finish line in time to win the grand prize.


Please be prepared to have a great time when attending this event.  Sudden laughter, problem solving and cheering may occur. Event will last one hour and is FREE (you just need park admission).  We are asking that you please register your team of 1, 2, 3 or 4 players to help us prepare enough packets for everyone. Please share this event with your friends and family!



The D23 Expo Challenge is just one of many exciting activities planned for MiceChat Anniversary Weekend. For the full list of events - CLICK HERE

MiceChat 10th Anniversary Weekend


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